Marriage contract is the topic that many still relate to the wary. Especially in Russia. In what cases it should be concluded, and when he can play a cruel joke with the initiator? Let’s try to figure it out.

Irina – a girl from a loving but poor family, with a good education, friendly and open, came to a consultation two weeks before the wedding. The wedding is planned, the guests were invited, but the future husband, Andrei, unexpectedly informed the bride that she needed to come with a passport to a notary public to sign a marriage contract. Irina was confused: this issue had never been raised before, and she believed that the family is forever, and all family property is common.

Under the agreement drawn up by Andrei, the property became the property of the spouse who was acquired and for whom. That is, all the property that will be bought in marriage until Irina works (and she did not work at the insistence of Andrei) will be the sole property of her husband.

Presenting a picture of the future divorce and lonely distress – perhaps with children – Ira refused to sign it. And so she cries: why did the beloved man change the attitude so sharply? Why does not take into account her interests, why does he behave in property issues?

Irina told Andrei that she hurried, agreeing to connect life with him. He apologized, and for the next consultation they came together.

It is more familiar to hide our heads in the sand, to hope that conflicts and the need to defend our side will bypass us

It turned out that Andrei’s friend recently experienced an unsuccessful divorce: his wife divorced him just a year after the wedding, suing her husband’s apartment and a decent amount of money. Andrei recalled Irina’s confessions for fear of poverty, the story of her childhood, and decided not to take risks. Ira did not succumb to the impulsive demands of the partner and tried to figure out the situation, and he was able to admit his fears and distrust. The couple concluded a marriage contract, but on mutually beneficial conditions.

What is this story about? First of all, about the anxiety with which the ideas about the marriage contract are associated. It is more familiar to hide our heads in the sand, to hope that the conflicts and the need to defend our own bypass us, although at heart we are scared for our position in the event of a divorce and division of property.

Marriage contract as protection

Julia – a wealthy girl, quite successfully builds a career. Vadim is a creative young man, earns little, he prefers clubs, sleep before lunch and meeting with like -minded people. Realizing that he and Vadim are too different, and assessing the risks, Julia insisted on the conclusion of a marriage contract. After signing it, I bought a dear car for myself and went on a trip with my friends. Vadim would also like both a car and a vacation, but “You cannot afford it, dear,” Julia shrugged her shoulders.

Thanks to the marriage contract in the family, clarity arose: zones of responsibility and rights became clear. As a result, Vadim opened the studio and began to earn well. Protecting her interests,

Monimutkaisuus on, että huipentumisen naisen on oltava enemmän aikaa kuin miehen. On tekniikoita, jotka opettavat vahvan lattian viivästytäkseen siemeniä (painamalla tiettyjä peniksen kohtia). Ja asennot, joissa pistettä g stimuloidaan lovegra sijaitsee vatsassa pakattujen jalkojen kanssa, on nurkan yläosassa) tai klitoris (Edward Eichel -tekniikka). Kokeile kaikkea! Ei ole yleistä tapaa.

Julia changed her partner’s attitude to his personal goals and values, motivated to turn hobbies into business.

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